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Revsim 1993

the Revolution Simulator is a real-time, pilot-in-the-loop, visual simulation of a Revolution kite. RevSim has been programmed in C, uses EGA-graphics, and should run on every 386 and up under DOS. (Please note that RevSim has been programmed in 1993! It does not run under current Windows versions; however, you can run it in a DOS emulator like DOSBox. There is a 2020 virtual reality version available here.)

The pilot uses a mouse to emulate both Revolution handles (which is not too easy) and follows the motions of kite, lines, and handles on the screen. You can change almost any kite parameter (mass, wingspan, damping, line length, wind speed, ...) via a parameter file. You want to simulate a 10 m jumbo Revolution with a mass of 100 gram in a 50 m/s hurricane? Give it a try ...

A simple auto pilot (stabilizer) is included in RevSim to assist the inexperienced pilot and teach her the basic figures a Revolution can do.